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How To Move Forward After Divorce or Separation

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Divorce Recovery Coaching Program Embarking on post-divorce recovery is transformative. Our 6-month program focuses on 5 pillars for healing and growth that begins exactly where you are. Month 1 - Pillar 1: YOUR (Identity) Orientation and Introduction. Radically Accessing Your Current State. Tracing Your Journey. Visioning Your Desired Future. Month 2 - Pillar 2: MAKE (Purpose) Introduction to the Power of Purpose. Uncover Your Unique Calling. Shaping Your Future with Purpose. Setting Goals Aligned with Purpose. Month 3 - Pillar 3: HAPPY (Health) Assessing Your Holistic Health. Designing Your Personalized Self-Care Routine. Embracing Healthy Habits. Faith-Based Strategies for Emotional Healing. Month 4 - Pillar 4: LOVE (Relationships) Restoring Trust in Relationships. Navigating Friendships and Connections. Co-Parenting with Faith: Balancing Parenting Styles. Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships. Month 5 - Pillar 5: STORY (Action Plan) Setting Goals and Vision After Divorce. Redefining Success Post-Divorce: A New Perspective. Embracing God's Redemption in Your Story. Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Resilience. Month 6: Integration and Reflection. Celebrating Personal Achievements. Integrating Lessons into a Faith-Driven Approach. Fine-Tuning Your Action Plan. Graduation and Empowerment. The Spiritual Renewal Retreat. This is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter, as you step into a future illuminated the resilience that defines your story.

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