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To Forwardry
Mastering The Art of Moving Forward 

Forwardry, is an invitation to envision a future fuelled by passion, purpose, and creativity.

A coaching program for those who believe in the merits of moving forward to grow and enrich not just themselves but those around them. 

More than a concept—it’s an ongoing journey, that requires us to re-evaluate our assumptions about work, identity, health, relationships and our overall story. 

Hi I'm Koryo

I'm a health coach specialising in midlife transitions.

I understand the deep pain and uncertainty that come with various transitions at midlife.  I've walked that path myself. The struggles of menopause, the confusion about purpose and career, and the overwhelming sense of loss of divorce - I've felt it all. But here's the thing: I've not only survived it, I've thrived in the aftermath. I've retraced my steps to freedom, and now,  I'm here to guide you along the same path.


Dear friend, if you have landed here and are in need of urgent support, our free recovery course is a life-line designed specifically for where you are right now.

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Lone Walk

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I started working with Lydia toward what I thought was the end of the divorce. The process had started 4 years earlier and I was about to go to court. I had a few decisions to make and at that point was exhausted by a long process and complicated circumstances. Lydia's experience of the process, gained through her own journey and certificate specialising in divorce coaching, were invaluable at that time. She came alongside me and helped me focus on the task at hand. She also helped me see clearly some aspect of the process, providing that safe space, crucial for processing strong emotions. She instinctively knows what is the going on. The result was a truly enjoyable day at the tribunal. I remember myself saying to the barrister " that is fun". Divorce is complicated: we need a team to get through that: Lydia is a real asset in that team. Thanks.

- Nathalie Castells-Brooke

Lydia's support and guidance throughout my divorce journey has been invaluable. She gave me an understanding of how the process works; how to find a good solicitor and what steps to take. Divorce is bewildering, overwhelming and emotional, so having that practical knowledge and help was vital. Lydia's approach is pragmatic, realistic yet always kind. She coaches with love and care, as well as moments of laughter and plenty of positivity about the future. I didn't know I needed a divorce coach until I started working with Lydia, now I don't know how I would get through this difficult and transformative experience without that additional help. Divorce is one of life's greatest challenges, I'm glad I didn't have to do it alone. 

- Gemma Hannah

I discovered some years ago that eating a lower-carb diet made me feel better and gave me more energy. I have never really been overweight but as I got close to being 50 I noticed that weight was creeping on and I was finding it hard to shift. Lydia was recommended to me as a health coach and I started my journey. Lydia explained in detail the process. it all made sense very quickly and I had no problem entering this first phase. I lost weight almost instantly and started to feel more energised than I had in a long time. The right balance of carbs, protein, and fat are key to this way of eating. Lydia made this easy for me, carefully working out a specific plan for me and my lifestyle. This included a weekly plan of all my meals with detailed recipes, an exercise plan that I could easily stick to, and constant support answering any questions that I had along the way. Within weeks I had not only lost the excess weight that was bothering me, but I had also gone back to the weight I had been 25 years earlier. 

- Rachel Donaldson

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