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Embracing the Hidden Treasure:

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

A Note on Post Menopause.

Menopause is a journey that brings with it various physical and emotional challenges. As women, we're often told that it shouldn't define us or restrict us in any way. However, the reality can sometimes be different. Our bodies seem to have a mind of their own, with capricious hormones wreaking havoc. But amidst the chaos, there is a hidden treasure waiting for us at the tail end of menopause. It's a surprise gift that reconnects us with our carefree, prepubescent selves, but with added confidence and a fearless spirit. Let's explore the beauty of post menopause and the empowerment it brings..

The Hijacked Hormones:

As we approach the end of menopause, it's easy to feel frustrated when hormones seem to dictate our lives. The unpredictability of mood swings and physical changes can be challenging to navigate. Despite the advertisements claiming eternal youth and solutions to all our problems, the reality can be far from that. It's essential to acknowledge these struggles and not invalidate the genuine experiences of menopause.

A Wise Revelation:

One day, while lamenting the woes of menopause to an older and wiser friend, she shared a secret that changed everything. She said, "Don't worry; just wait for the day you come home. Your real self will inhabit you again." This revelation surprised me. I never thought I'd see a version of myself that was carefree, with hormones that had settled down. It was like meeting my long-forgotten self, but with a newfound confidence and fearlessness.

The Rebirth of Self:

The post menopausal phase is a rebirth of sorts. It's not about trying to reclaim our youth or mimic who we were years ago. Instead, it's about embracing the best version of ourselves—the version that has learned, grown, and evolved through life's experiences. Post menopause, we have the chance to rediscover our true selves, free from the influence of hormonal fluctuations.

A Timeless Radiance:

When I experienced this transformation, it felt like finding a cherished piece of jewelry in the pocket of a forgotten coat. It was a precious gift, a revelation of who I had become. I now pass on this insight to other women who may be struggling with menopause, offering them hope and a glimpse of the radiant self that awaits them.

The Ripple Effect:

The beauty of this revelation is that it's not confined to any one person. When we embrace our post menopausal selves, it sets off a ripple effect of empowerment and self-discovery among other women. I remember a woman who came back to me at a party, looking radiant and renewed. She thanked me for sharing this insight, and the transformation in her was undeniable.

As we navigate the challenges of menopause, let's remember that there's a beautiful surprise waiting for us at the end. Post menopause brings us back to our true selves, not as we were in the past, but as the confident, fearless, and unique individuals we have become. It's a gift that keeps on giving, inspiring us and those around us to embrace this new chapter with open arms. So, hang in there—your best self is yet to come, and it's more brilliant than you can imagine!

I Invite you to leave a comment, or call us to discover more about how we can support you step into your royalty.

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