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Trust Your Inner Guide:

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Unveiling the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

"The 'gods' have two ways of dealing harshly with us—the first is to deny us our dreams, and the second is to grant them."

This profound quote by Oscar Wilde reminds us of the power and significance of our dreams and aspirations. Yet, how often do we find ourselves yearning for dreams that remain elusive, lingering on the fringes of our imagination? In a world of constant distractions, it is essential to pause and pay attention to the wisdom that resides within us.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times:

In his book, 'Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes,' William Bridges draws our attention to the practices of traditional cultures that encouraged people to seek guidance from their dreams. These intentional rituals offered a deep connection to one's purpose and calling, something that modern society often neglects.

Embracing Vigilance:

Bridges suggests an intriguing way to incorporate these ancient practices into our lives. He encourages us to hold a vigil during one of our nights, staying awake and keeping a fire going. The purpose is not merely to fight sleep but to stay alert, allowing us to experience moments of heightened intuition. It is in this twilight zone that we can pay attention to hunches, coincidences, crazy ideas, and the fleeting memories of dreams that surface upon waking.

Embracing the Ritual:

As Christians however,, we believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, who dwells within believers. The Holy Spirit is our divine guide, counselor, and comforter. Through prayer, meditation, and a receptive heart, We can seek the Holy Spirit's guidance to navigate life's challenges, make decisions, and discern God's will for their lives.

Like the Psalmists and prophets of old, modern Christians can also tap into the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. By quieting our minds, seeking divine connection through prayer and meditation, and aligning our hearts with God's purpose, we create a space where the Holy Spirit can speak to us. This spiritual connection provides clarity, peace, and a sense of direction in the midst of life's complexities.

Just as the Psalmists expressed their joys, sorrows, and aspirations to God, and the prophets received divine revelations to guide the people, we too can cultivate a deep relationship with the divine through seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance. By surrendering our will and opening ourselves to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we allow the divine presence to illuminate our path and lead us towards a life aligned with God's divine plan.

In seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance, we recognize that we are not alone on our journey. Instead, we are part of a timeless spiritual tradition where humans seek communion with God the father, God the son and find solace and guidance in the presence of God the Holy Spirit. Through this sacred connection, we can experience a profound sense of purpose, direction, and empowerment, leading us to live lives rooted in faith, love, and divine wisdom.

So, let us honor the power of the Holy Spirit and embrace the wisdom that resides within. Let us embark on our own vigil, staying awake to the guidance that whispers from the depths of our souls. Sometimes, the clues to our calling are woven into the narrative of our lives thus far, awaiting our attention and recognition. Its the role of our counsellor to put us into spaces and places where we finally are able to receive the wisdom we so badly need. Taking the time to listen to our inner voice is a gift we give ourselves.

I Invite you to leave a comment, or call us to discover more about how we can support you win carving our space in your busy world.

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